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A leading global wholesale distribution company with a diversified portfolio in Automobile, Building Materials, Food, Luxury and Textiles.

The Problem

The marketing & sales team of our client was struggling to keep up with the new line of products introduced on a frequent basis as the primary form of advertisement used was traditional print media – which has its own pros and cons. The most challenging part was to roll out new print ads for new products and trash the old stock, which eventually increased the cost substantially and offset the margins. Also, the increased turnaround time to introduce new products to their customers affected the revenues considerably.

The other concern was with the real-time stock tracking as the Sales Representatives booked the orders manually. Reconciling 10,000+ units of SKU became truly challenging and highly time-consuming.

The Quipersoft Transformation

Understanding the changing need of the product market and the customers need to get the stream of content delivered to them instantly, Quipersoft transformed the marketing communication channel for a better customer experience through digital catalogues, allowing our client to showcase range of products in a manner that will grab their potential customer’s attention. It helped marketing team to increase their turnaround time to-go-to market and help them to capitalize on the opportunities.

Quipersoft also addressed the client’s need of real-time stock tracking by allowing the representatives to check on the availability of the stocks instantly before booking the order digitally. This saved enormous coordination time and gave on-time summary reports about 10000+ SKU units, thereby increasing the overall operational efficiency and revenues.

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