Optimized Revenue by streamlining the workflow.

Leading special education providers to schools and clinics in Northern California.

The Problem

Our client was having serious concern on revenue leakage due to use of non-electronic time tracking system. The accountant at the end of the week had to co-ordinate with 100’s of therapist to get the time logged-in at the schools to raise the invoice accordingly for the service rendered. The numbers communicated by therapist were often found to be inaccurate or revised multiple times – due to multiple mode of communication (verbal, e-mails, text etc.), making the whole invoice generation process tedious and cumbersome. Also, measuring the resource allocation, costing and individual’s performance or contribution became technically challenging.

The Quipersoft Transformation

Quipersoft proposed, designed and implemented an end-to-end, intuitive, centralized digital tracking system. It channelized the multiple mode of communication to one, automated invoice generation process – removing all the chaos related to billing, allowed Manager / admin to efficiently plan resource allocation or optimization, tracked individuals contribution, got in compliance related alerts for the therapist and much more.

Overall, the system brought in complete transparency and gave enough confidence to the management – who feared the revenue leakage and data integrity.

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