Improved turnaround time and increased customer satisfaction.

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The Problem

The customer team of our client was having following challenges while handling support requests-

  • Handling of multiple mails box (per Brand) led to duplication of mail handling amongst the team & it required constant co-ordination.
  • There was no common system to store information about customer interactions and/or documents.
  • Tracking customer requests & status was maintained on Excel.
  • Loss of data was the biggest threat & instance.
  • Stressed representatives because of manual tasks & follow-ups.
  • 50% increase in the volume of customer requests year on year.

The Quipersoft Transformation

Quipersoft transformed the whole customer interaction process by mapping, designing, and deploying digital interactions and automation. Quipersoft was able to create impact at individual levels-

Admin Level : Allocating mails by user became much faster and easier; Auto allocation of existing mails saved a lot of time. The graphical representation of emails handled by segment helped in equal allocation of mails by user.

User Level : Personalized intuitive email box helped user to easily focus on priority items and complete his to-dos activities with ease and stress-free. This in-turn increased the turn around time significantly.

Customer Level : Quick response and delighted customer experience.

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