Eliminated frauds and re-build trust with Digital Transformation.

A prominent micro-finance institution.

The Problem

The paper-based approach of our client was creating enough turmoil within the company and also with their customers due to inaccurate and inadequate data. The on-field deposit collection representatives missed to provide the accurate deposit amount by their clients making it technically impossible for the company to track the data – in turn loosing the faith of their customers. Management was looking to shift from traditional paper-based methods to digitalization.

The Quipersoft Transformation

Quipersoft transformed the whole of data management process by digitalizing the data capture process through a hand-held device – given to each on-field representative and, by in-time data synchronization - avoiding any kind of data leakage. We transformed the overall customer experience by sending them the instant alerts and notifications about their deposits, thereby re-building the trust in the system.

This helped our client to lower costs, provide customer centric service, reduce fraud, identify cross selling opportunities and expand their customer base.

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