Increased investors returns by 10-15%

A leading stock broking company in India

The Opportunity

Being a growing equity research company, the client size grew by 20% in the last 4 months challenging the scalability of the research team and also the turnaround time. Hence, Management wanted to explore the solutions to increase their operational and technical capabilities and in turn to increase the service value or quality.

The Current Process

The research team using the interim tool checks the scripts price at regular intervals and leverage their technical skills to analyze the pattern and give the recommendations accordingly to the investors/clients. The current process has its own limitations as the market price changes every second and the increase in turnaround time would actually null the recommendations.

The Quipersoft Process Automation

Factoring the dynamic market pricing, Quipersoft built an automation tool, which would interact with the stock exchange website to get the required script value and then using the pre-defined various strategy models – defined by researchers, it forms the trend patterns in seconds. This saved enormous time for researchers who can now leverage their expertise to only provide précised recommendations “in time”.

The Results

Turnaround time increased by 60%

Investors Value/returns increased by 10-15%

Word-of-mouth increased by 40%

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