Increased operational capacity by 30-40%

India’s leading health and hygiene brand with water purification and vacuum cleaning under its portfolio.

The Challenges

Operational Cost of the customer servicing team increased by 40% in the last 9-months, offsetting the overall margins. The business unit head wanted to optimize the servicing cost.

The Current Process

Customer Service Team on an average receives 2000-25000 service requests every day, which is then downloaded from the internal CRM and allocated to the service team of 350+ - spread across different geographies. On an average 5 cases per day is planned for each executive – they often finds it challenging to close even 3 cases a day considering the travel/distance between clients locations. Also, due to frequent network interruption, the service executives often inform the case specifics following day – which creates enough confusion for the next day case allocation.

The Quipersoft Process Automation

Quipersoft simplified the process by downloading the entire case requests by 10 PM and then sort it to the service executive locations (3kms of his radius). The following morning, an hour before the business hours, system automatically emails the case details to the service executives through an Excel sheet –which they are required to fill and email it by close of business hours or before 8 PM. System then automatically reads the emails and update the CRM accordingly before the following day case allocation.

The Results

Executives were able to close 5-6 cases a day increasing the caseload capacity by 30%

Zero confusion in allocating case loads

Travel cost of executives reduced by 40%

Overall operational capacity increased by 30-40%

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