Zero-error incentive Calculation for Sales Team.

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The Challenges

The accounting team at the end-of-month spends around 40-50 hours to calculate the incentives of sales team and often derives at the miscalculated number, which lead to the trust issues between employees and the Management.

The Current Process

Accounting Team of our client starts the incentive calculation process after 22nd of every month – which involves downloading the sales data from the CRM and then the collection data from the collection application – which currently doesn’t talk to each other. Due to multiple hierarchies of sales team, the business logic followed to arrive at this number is complex and requires multiple iterations, to get at the right number.

The Quipersoft Process Automation

Quipersoft built a tool, which would interact with the CRM and download the sales data for the month. It then downloads the data of past 4 months from the collection tool to map it with the respective hierarchies. Using the pre-defined business logics by the users, it calculates the incentive for individuals and emails the reports to them respectively.

The Results

Reduced 30% of workload for Accounting Team

Error-free incentive calculations

Re-built trust between employees and management

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